SO… I have bought a domain and I moved everything to my BRAND NEW WEBSITE! I did this so I could have Adsense… I’m such a bad person. I tried to make it unobtrusive. I had to manually export every single post. Which was 92 posts. That was a lot. That’s why I haven’t updated at all! BUT NOW THERE’S A BRAND NEW UPDATE ON MY BRAND NEW WEBSITE. Go see it. I’m back on schedule. In a week, I’ll delete this site and somehow manage to make it redirect to the new website… if that’s even possible?

GO TO THIS PLACE FOR COMICS NOW! Though SOON it will be just In a few days. Then I will post that link here instead.

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I had a girl’s night that was a super awesome CRAFTS NIGHT with some awesome Boondock Saints at the end. I had no idea that movie was so good. Willem Defoe…. :O    SO for crafts we drew pictures, and I drew pictures of ALL US GIRLS. Then I mentioned dickicorns and it led to me drawing us riding one majestically. AND THEN… Jen, whose apartment we was all in, she drew a picture of Peter Rabbit, presumably heading off to MacGregor’s place to settle the score. Long story short, I was too busy watching Boondock Saints to draw a REAL comic, so here is what I drew at crafts night. (PS Jen had one of those massive sets of gel pens… like the ones we used to collect in Elementary school that defined our entire existence. BEST EVER)


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT… WAIT… YEAH THAT’S WHAT I MEANT Sophie (from the TRON comic), Amanda, Jess, Sam (being creeped out by ME as ALWAYS), ME, and JEN. Jen can be credited with the awesomeness below:


The colors don’t look as good as they do in real life. That is due to my scanner. AND NOW… a majestic dickicorn with some ladies (aka NATURAL HABITAT)


Sorry everything is in pencil. I was too distracted by WILLEM DEFOE to do anything. Maybe I’ll make a post about him next………

Assassins Is A Serious Game

We are playing Assassins in my residence. I don’t think it’s very obvious, but when I heard that guy coming, I ducked into what I thought was not his room… but then it was his room and he came in. And he SOMEHOW spotted my INGENIOUS hiding spot behind the door, and we had a moment. A really awkward moment. Because I was in his room. It was like a horror movie, only I was using a clothespin instead of a knife, and I wasn’t going to kill him because I didn’t know who he was. I hope the first floor people haven’t found this site and started creepin’ on it. If they have, this comic will give them far too much information…

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Yeah I went to go see Tron with Rob and Sophie. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. It was my first 3-D movie so I was all like “IT’S COMING RIGHT AT ME” and then there were pretty colors. So many pretty colors. I was so sad when it was over, especially since it was -13 degrees F outside and it would have been a lot less cold to just stay in the nice warm movie theatre and watch Tron over and over and over. Oh, and Cillian Murphy needed to have a big and awesome part.

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Short and Cute

I was going to draw a comic about a dream I had and put it up with this, but it wound up looking really weird and boring so I decided I’d just upload this cute thing that doesn’t make sense.See, what had happened was, I was talking with my friend Rob in the hallway and he’s got this weird French accent, so when he said he was “drawing” eggs I thought he said “drying” eggs, implying, naturally, that he had given birth to the eggs and was drying them off. Which then called the image of tiny Robs to my mind. “Robspring”, if you will. Thus… this picture. Yeah… this is a pretty lame update. So was the last one. Maybe something awesome will happen tomorrow that I can write about. Or maybe I’ll just draw lots of pictures of fat animals and call it a comic.

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What’s That Horror Movie?

I know how much everyone loves horror movies…! Really, though, this was all a cover up for wanting to draw that guy in the third panel and all his sexiness without just making a comic where he poses in a lot of different ways. PS… It’s not Spike. So see if you can guess who any of these people are! Some of them are really easy… like panel 4. If you don’t know who that is, we are no longer friends. But panel 8, yeah, I don’t think anyone but my floor fellow has seen that movie. BUT YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND TRY. TRY AND FAIL.


Now you can look at them. The first one is major hotty Christopher Walken in the Dead Zone. He was so young and attractive in that film. No wonder that one chick jumped his bones. The second one is the EVEN MORE hott Keifer Sutherland in Lost Boys, a vampire movie… but I watch it because he is in it and he is so much cooler than Edward… don’t judge me… The third one is the Crypt Keeper and if you didn’t know that you must have been lame all your life, and also dead. The fourth one is JEFFREY COMBS as the Re-Animator, being totally awesome and really short. Because he is a very short man. The fifth one is weird German guy Karl Bohm as that guy in Peeping Tom, which surprisingly has no sex in it. The Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller in the next panel is from CHUD. But I’m sure you knew that. The seventh one is the killer from Dario Argento’s Phenomena, but don’t watch it now because I just gave away the villain, which is supposed to be a secret. THAT MOVIE HAS JENNIFER CONNELY IN IT AS A 13 YEAR OLD. It also has lots of maggots… because that’s what Dario Argento likes to put in his movies. The eighth one is the Incredible Melting Man from the film by the same name. That movie had surprisingly few melting scenes. It was mostly him standing in the bushes, dripping, while boring people talked. And the last one is Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man!


Why God Killed the Pokemon Long Ago

I recently saw a picture of someone riding a Rapidash, and thought to myself “Wait a second… that horse is on fire.” And so this comic exists. And, you know, if Pokemon existed murder would have to be legal, as would dogfighting. And insurance claims would cover all manner of elemental attacks, including whatever Alakazam could do to a house… like bending all of the spoons in the whole house. IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE. I hope no one gets the 4th panel. Because I feel like people would complain. Also, why did someone think Mr. Mime and Jinx were good Pokemon ideas?

Lab Times Again

If you haven’t read, YOU SHOULD DO THAT before doing anything else. Because this comic won’t make sense without that.

So yeah, there are like, 5 or 6 different labs and 25 or so lab demonstrators. And somehow… I got the same demonstrator for both semesters. Quite suspicious. And I am totally worried that he’s gonna find this site and start giving me bad marks.

RODRIGO IF YOU READ THIS, KNOW THAT I DON’T ACTUALLY THINK YOU’RE THAT CREEPY. Please don’t think I’m mean. I DON’T WANT TO BE MEAN. The life of a cartoonist is so difficult.

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Modern Art

I went to an art museum with Mindy and Andrew yesterday. In the modern art wing, we found… a lot of phallic art. And just weird stuff, like this big pile of hair and mannequin legs. What was that? WHY was that? There was also this teddy bear made out of real bear skin that was actually really creepy… and had a creepy bear dick. Just because it’s art AND APPARENTLY… art is nothing without a cock here and there. According to these “artists.” Back in the day, there was always a boob hanging out for no reason, and now, there are dicks hanging out for no reason. The best thing, though… the best thing was dose snails. They were really pretty colors and there was all this slime everywhere, so you’re distracted for a second, then all of the sudden you see that they are not, in fact, snails, but dicks. Covered in disgusting man juices. And there was a cross in there for some reason. Always gotta have a cross in there. Makes the piece MEANINGFUL

Dick Snails covered in CUM


I swear the next comic will actually be good… sorry about this, extended family. BUT IT’S ART what can I say.

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Porcupine Gets His Freak On

I was watching The Fox and the Hound with some of my homies, and this happened. Pretty much. I might have inserted some dialogue. Is that how you spell dialogue…? Spellcheck seems to think I am wrong, but offers no alternative. So yeah, in case it wasn’t clear enough, the expression in the last panel is the “did I just sleep with a porcupine” face. Oh, Disney… I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose, but it sure made me lol.

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So Emotional

Just yesterday, I found out that Wolf Parade went on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time, which might mean that it’ll take them, like, 8 years to release another LP! OH WOE IS ME, WOE WOE. At least one of the lead singers, Spencer Krug, will still be making music. RIGHT, MR. KRUG? RIGHT?! That was a threat. I’m not actually that upset… but I thought blanket-caterpillar-self was cute so I made strip with it. And I guess this is the second post I’ve done that mentions Spencer Krug. If he ever stumbles upon this website he is going to be frightened. WHY’D YOU DO IT WOLF PARADE… WHY’D YOU GO AND DO IT

blanket-caterpillar self

I was going to title this comic “Emo Strip” just so I could include the drawing below, but I decided against it because that’s a dumb title.

sexy as hell

You know they’re hott. DO YOU GET IT… “EMO STRIP…” Anyways. I LIKE THAT I HAVE A FANCY BACKGROUND. You should like it, too.

I Hate This Comic

I thought at first that I could make it funny, but I was wrong. It’s just lame. So, sorry about that. Fortunately, I will hopefully have a new background soon to make up for how sadly boring this comic is!

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Mr. Hester

I went to visit my man Jamie at my old school in my old art classroom. Mr. Hester was there and he told us to cut out the PDOF. Meaning… public display of ‘fection…? LORD knows what. Anyways, he’s the most redneck art teacher in the history of always. And he thinks fly fishing is the most serious business of all.

All in all, it was pretty good to be back in the South. I missed grits. AND MY DADDY MADE US SOME FRIED CHICKEN AND THAT SHIT WAS DELICIOUS.

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When I went off to college, my brother brought home a couple of puppies to replace me. So I got to meet them for the first time, and at first I was like “I have a grudge against my replacement dogs” but then one of them fell asleep on me and it was all over and they were my new best friends.

I done hit 80 comics, ya’ll! That is a lot of comics. My New Years’ Resolution is to get famous so I don’t have to get a real job. MAKE IT HAPPEN

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Christmas Cookies For the Firemen

Christmas Eve morning, my mom put some dying embers on the compost bin, thinking that the bin was wet and would put out the embers. That night, we found out that that does not work. Instead, the compost burns from within, slowly becoming one giant ember and catching the surrounding fence and dry grass on fire. It makes for the pretty much most epic Christmas Eve ever. EAT THAT, RALPHIE. Also, my sister gave some cookies to the firemen, because it was Christmas Eve and everyone should have cookies.

Oh yeah, and since I’m home for the holidays and all, updates will definitely be sporadic. The only scanner I got is in my mom’s office, and the only pens I have are my sister’s, which are OLD and therefore WEAK. My materials are insufficient. Luckily, I will begin regular updates after the 3rd. And that is ALMOST SOON! SO HANG IN THERE, MEAGER AUDIENCE. Also… tell everyone you know about my blog. Do it now. GET ME FAMOUS, BITCHES.

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